Weaponized Chess


Sale of WeaponizedChess is temporarily unavailable.  It should be available for purchase by Monday afternoon.  This is either a PayPal or licensing server issue.  Actually, this failure does/did not prevent you from getting your game but the delivery method would have to be different than described in the Buy Now page.  It would be more inconvenient for ME.  I am, however, able to pick up the slack and get you your game.  Your PayPal purchase contains all the information necessary for the purchase to be completed (your valid email, the fact that you really paid, type of what you bought).  I wonder if what happened was that PayPal saw me make so many payments to myself during testing that it eventually flagged me as being a money launderer.  And PayPal did it the day of my launch.  You laugh.  But that is one thing that theoretically might be the problem. Not funny.. The alternatives are even less amusing.  If I have to personally chaperone each sale then I will, so I will either get the full automatic delivery working or I'll change the delivery method and you'll still be able to download your purchase within a day of purchase.  This temporary shutdown IS temporary.  If I have to shift from auto delivery to manual delivery (send you an email giving you download instructions handcrafted crafted just for You) after I see your purchase then the restart of sales might be Wednesday or Thursday.  No later.  Partial failure of a just-fully-tested purchase mechanism on launch day? Ha!  No worries.  This too can be fixed by a bigger hammer.

WeaponizedChess is NOW available for purchase.! Finally! Click to button above to find out about how to buy.


WeaponizedChess is a game created by modifying regular chess.  Arguably the most important modification is to add weapons (along with other types of objects that your pieces can pick up and use).

chess + weapons = WeaponizedChess

WeaponizedChess is also an attempt to modernize chess. Regular chess is about pawns contending with horsemen (knights) in an effort to destroy castles and capture the enemy king.  Modern conflict is not like THAT at all.

WeaponizedChess pawns are more maneuverable and powerful. Horsemen (knights) are replaced by choppers which truly fly through 3D space. Submarines use the subterranean level to attack and cannot normally be seen.

WeaponizedChess is three-dimensional but use of the 2 new dimensions (air and sub) are limited by the game design and in a standard game.  This type of three-dimensionality is often referred to as "2.5D".  Some weapons are specifically designed to destroy pieces using the air and sub level.  SAM launchers fire SAMs which home in on and destroy air pieces and torpedo launchers fire torpedoes which seek out and destroy pieces in the sub level.  It can be hazardous to your health to fly!

Modern conflict is heavily dependent on military technology.  In WeaponizedChess there are choppers, jets, tanks, submarines, destroyers, and combat engineers whose movements and characteristics have been translated to a chess-like board.  Low-observable assets play a deadly game of cat and mouse with the opponent.  Infantrymen use jump-packs to fly over the battlefield.  Combat scuba invisibly travels under the surface to attack.

Projectile weapons, area-of-effect weapons, non-lethal stunning weapons, and conversion weapons are used against the enemy.  Lese-majeste has been replaced with decapitation strikes. Ambushes can occur and reinforcements can arrive.  Fratricide is always a possibility.  Logistics is critical.  All of these concepts inherent to modern war have been translated into a type of chess.

Sometimes pieces in WeaponizedChess cannot be seen by the opposing side.  This limited visibility of pieces (stealth) is tunable.  That is, if you hate stealth you can turn it OFF and everything will always be visible.  Alternatively, you can turn the stealth-tuning 'dial' and stealth/low-visibility becomes more or less applicable.  In modern warfare it is critical to not be seen because anything that can be seen can be destroyed.  WeaponizedChess attempts to mimic this nature. 

WeaponizedChess uses a 10x10 board, not a 8x8 board. 8x8 is too small, let's make it a little bigger.  The WeaponizedChess board rotates the regular chess board by 90 degrees (the color of the square in the lower right is black, not white).  Black moves first.  White got to move 1st in regular chess all this time, let Black move 1st now.

WeaponizedChess is also an attempt to provide a game for people who used to play chess in the past but got bored with it.  Whenever regular chess does things one way, WeaponizedChess tries to do things the other way (if there's a clear, definite alternative choice).  Did you ever look at your present position during a regular chess game and wish you could move TWO pieces instead of just one?  In WeaponizedChess there is often a way to move more than 1 of your pieces during your turn.   Rarely, you are even able to move one of your opponent's pieces!

WeaponizedChess only runs under Linux now. At this very moment, it looks like it will only be available initially for 64 bit processors.  The game will be available for sale at this website in early September of this year.

WeaponizedChess is fully internationalized.   It has been translated into over 40 languages.  Both the game controls and in-game user documentation are presented in the selected language.

WeaponizedChess has a fully developed board editor, game notation, and undo ability.  Curious about what would have happened if you had done something different?  In non-competitive mode, you can selectively take back movements and actions.  WeaponizedChess has an extensive ability to modify game play to match user preferences. User can save those preferences so that whenever the game starts those preferences decide how the game is to be played.  There are numerous videos about the game that you can watch on YouTube.  Just search for "WeaponizedChess" or "Weaponized Chess" and you will see them there.

Below are clickable links that take you to those videos.

The first video shows you what it looks like to play a simple game.

Click on the link below and you will be taken to YouTube where you can watch the video

Fool's Mate in Weaponized Chess

The second video is a short slideshow that describes the game.   Again..click on the link below and you can watch it on YouTube.

Short, Sweet, and Simple: Rapid Slideshow about Basic Concepts of WeaponizedChess

The third video is a somewhat longer demonstration of what you actually do when you play a game.   Note that on YouTube there is a more detailed description of the video that you can read about each video.

WeaponizedChess: A Longer Game

The fourth and fifth videos (Part 1 and Part 2) describe the game in more detail.  No time is devoted during these videos describing how WeaponizedChess is more like modern warfare than regular chess (two of the later videos DO talk about that).

Part 1: Detailed Description of Weaponized Chess:Relation to Chess, How the Game Functions

Part 2: Detailed Description of Weaponized Chess:Relation to Chess, How the Game Functions

The sixth and seventh videos talk more about the various ways the user can control the program.  Here is where the board editor and all the various options you can use to control the game are shown to you.

Part 1:WeaponizedChess Interface

Part 2:WeaponizedChess Interface

The eight and ninth videos describe the game in detail AND spend a significant amount of time making the case that WeaponizedChess is a more faithful analog of modern conflict than regular chess.

Part 1: WeaponizedChess Detailed Game Description:Concept,Design,Relation to Chess

Part 2: WeaponizedChess Detailed Game Description:Concept,Design,Relation to Chess

The tenth video describes the various scenarios (pre-built starting game boards) that are available when you play the game (assuming you buy a version which supports loading files).  The use of the phrase "Deep Blue" is intended to be humorous and falls under fair use.

Deep Blue DIS buddy!: Scenarios for WeaponizedChess